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Huawei Cell Phone, Tablet & Hotspot Batteries

A100 C2906 HB5N1H T2211
A103 C2909 HB5N1HA T2251
A105 C3308 HB5Q1HV T2281
A109 C5005 HB5R1V T5900
A113 C5320 HB5R1V T7200
A115 C5330 HB5T1H T8100
A199 C5730 HB5U1V T8300
A201 C5900 HB5V1 T8620
A520 C5990 HB6A2L T8828
A608 C5990 HB6P1 T8833
Activa 4G M920 C6000 HB7A1H T8951
Angler C6100 HB3742AOEBC T9200
Ascend C6110 HB3748B8EBC T9510E
Ascend II M865 C6200 HB4342A1RBC Tribute
Ascend C8812 C7168 HB444199EBC+ Turkcell T30
Ascend D C7188 HBF1 U120
Ascend D LTE C7189 HBL3A U121
Ascend D Quad C7260 HBU83S U121
Ascend D Quad XL C7300 HCB18650-12 R201
Ascend D1 C7600 HF5F1H U550
Ascend D1 Quad XL C8000 HiQQ U1000
Ascend D2 C8100 HOL-U19 U1100
Ascend G6 C8300 Honor U1250
Ascend G7 C8500 Honor 2 U1270
Ascend P6 C8600 Honor 4A U1280
Ascend P7 C8650 Honor 4C U1300
Ascend G300 C8655 Honor 6 U1310
Ascend G302 C8812 Honor 7 U1860
Ascend G309 C8813 Honor Holly U2800/A
Ascend G312 C8816 Honor Quad U2801
Ascend G330 C8817 Honor S8 U3100
Ascend G350 C8850 HWBAF1 U3200
Ascend G500D CHT8000 HW-H60-J1 U3300
Ascend G510 Comet HWM636 U3310
Ascend G520 Cricket IDEOS U5509
Ascend G521 E5 IDEOS S7 U5705
Ascend G526 E181 IDEOS X3 U6100
Ascend G600 E583C IDEOS X5 U6150
Ascend G606 E583X IDEOS U8650 U7200
Ascend G610 E585 Impulse 4G U7300
Ascend G615 E587 J888 U7310
Ascend G620 E5573 M228 U7510
Ascend G628 E5730 M318 U7519
Ascend G630 E5776 M328 U7520
Ascend G660 E5805 M615 U8100
Ascend G700 E5830 M635 U8110
Ascend G710 E5832 M636 U8120
Ascend G716-L070 E5836 M660 U8150
Ascend G730 E5838 M735 U8160
Ascend G750 EC5808 M750 U8180
Ascend G6600 E6939 M835 U8185
Ascend HW-01E EE Eagle M860 U8220
Ascend M860 Fusion M865 U8230
Asend Mate G8 M886 U8300
Asend Mate2 G300 M920 U8350
Ascend P LTE G312 M931 U8500
Ascend P1 G350 MediaPad U8510
Ascend P1 4G G510 MediaPad M1 8.0 U8520
Ascend P1 TD G526 MediaPad 10FHD U8650
Ascend P1XL G730 MediaPad 10 Link U8651/S
Ascend P6 G750 MediaPad S10 U8652
Ascend P8 G2200 MediaPad S101 U8655
Ascend Q G3512 MediaPad S102 U8666
Ascend T8830 G5010 Mercury M886 U8680
Ascend T8833 G5730 MiFi 6939 U8681
Ascend U8812 G6150 MiFi E583C U8685D
Ascend U8815 G6600 MT1-U0 U8687
Ascend U8818 G6603 MT1-U06 U8730
Ascend U8833 G6608 Nexus 6P U8800
Ascend W1 G6620 Ohua 1200 U8812D
Ascend Y M866 G7002 P8 U8815
Ascend Y6 G7007 P10 U8818
Ascend Y200/T G7010 P10 Plus U8825
Ascend Y201/C G8600 Phoenix U8832
Ascend Y210 Glory Pillar M615 U8833
Ascend Y215 GR5 Pinnacle 2 MB635 U8850
Ascend Y220 GX8 Pocket Hotspot U8860
Ascend Y300 H1511 Premia 4G U8951D
Ascend Y310 H1512 Prism II U9120
Ascend Y320 HB3G1H Prism U8651 U9200/E/S
Ascend Y321 HB3S1 Rio U9202L
Ascend Y330 HB3X1 S7-301 U9501L
Ascend Y336 HB3080G1EBC S7-302 U9508
Ascend Y500 HB3080G1EBW S7-303 U9510/E/I/L
Ascend Y511 HB3447A9EBW S7-721 V710
Ascend Y516 HB3742A0EZC+ S7-931 V715
Ascend Y535 HB386280ECW S8-301 V716
Ascend Y536 HB386589CW S8-303 V735
Ascend Y550 HB386589ECW S8-306 V736
Ascend Y635 HB396481EBC S8-701 V830
Asura HB416683ECW S10-201 V839
BLT005 HB4342A1RBC SmarKit S7 V860
Boulder HB434666RAW Sonic V845
BTR7519 HB444199EBC Sonic Ascend II Vision
Buddy HB4742A0RBW Springboard Mediapad W1
C208s HB476387RBC SU8020 Wvga
C210e HB496791EBC Summit Y6 Scale
C218 HB505076RBC T156 Y210
C228s HB4A1H T158 Y215
C260e HB4F1 T161L Y220
C350e HB4 T201 Y300
C2008 HB4H1 T202 Y310
C2205 HB4J1/H T208 Y320
C2285 HB4W1/H T210 Y321
C2288 HB474284RBC T211 Y330
C2299 HB5A2H T261L Y336
C2601 HB5A4P2 T330 Y500
C2800 HB5A5P2 T520 Y511
C2801 HB5B2 T521 Y536
C2802 HB5D1H T550 Y550
C2807 HB5F1H T552 Y635
C2822 HB5I1 T565 Youth2
C2823 HB5I1H T566 Z101
C2827 HB5K1H T710 .
C2860 HB5I1H T1201 .
C2905 HB5N1 T1600 .

The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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